Internal Bleeding (03:00)
 'Til Death (04:01)
 Slowly We Rot (03:41)
Cause Of Death (05:3
 Chopped In Half (03:47)
Turned Inside Out (04:57)
The End Complete (04:03)
I'm In Pain (04:01)
 Don't Care (03:0
 Final Thoughts (04:0
 Kill For Me (05:59)
 Threatening Skies (02:19)
On The Floor (03:11)
Total Time: 51:53

01 Powertrip
02 Coming Down
03 Anybody There?
04 The Haunted
05 The Drowning Machine
06 You
07 Under the Weight of My Stone
08 Once
09 One Bullet
10 Empty
11 Cry for Tomorrow
12 Into...
13 ...Into the Spiral Cathedral

Lista de temas:
1. Funeral Fog
2. Freezing Moon
3. Cursed In Eternity
4. Pagan Fears
5. Life Eternal
6. From The Dark Past
7. Buried By Time And Dust
8. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

.Different World
2.These Colours Dont Run
3.Brighter than A Thousand Suns
4.The Pilgrim
5.The Longest Day
6.Out of the Shadows
7.The Reincarnation of Benjamin
8.For the Greater Good of God
9.Lord of Light
10.The Legacy

1.El Infierno Que Amamos 04:34
2.Detrás De La Oscuridad 06:02
3.Deja Correr La Tinta 04:41
4.El Lenguaje De Tu Vida 04:59
5.Si Tu No Estás Aquí (Cover de Los Angeles Del Infierno) 04:59
6.Imperios De Soledad (Cover de Kraken) 03:25
Duración Total: 28:40
pasword: discospowermetal

1.Intro 01:36
2.Cara y Sello 03:31
3.Antes del Fin de los Tiempos 04:48
4.Ángel de Luz 05:44
5.Fuera de este Mundo 06:03
6.Hijos 07:04
Duración Total: 28:46
pasword: discospowermetal

         1.Ángel de la muerte 06:36
2.Muerto en vida 05:23
3.Pies de barro 05:31
4.Hoy te he vuelto a recordar 05:27
5.Aprendiendo a perder 05:50
6.Otra vida 05:52
7.Caminar sobre el agua 06:01
8.Quién soy 04:44
9.Sombra y ceniza 05:31
10.La prisión de marfil 04:39
11.Bajo las flores 06:24
Duración Total: 01:01:58
pasword: discospowermetal


1.Crack The Riddle (Intro) 00:57
2.Kill It 04:13
3.The Saints 07:06
4.As Long As I Fall 03:41
5.Paint A New World 04:27
6.Final Fortune 04:46
7.The Bells Of The Seven Hells 05:22
8.Fallen To Pieces 05:52
9.I.M.E. 03:46
10.Can Do It 04:30
11.Dreambound 05:57
12.Heaven Tells No Lies 06:56

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1.Wings of Time 05:04
2.Olden Story Tells 05:06
3.The Glory of the Desert 05:14
4.Firestorm 05:39
5.Through the Wilderness 05:40
6.The Circle of Fate 05:18
7.A Drop in the Ocean 04:02
8.Live My Life 05:29
9.Sun in the Night 03:29
10.The Call From the Unknown 06:10

"Blackest Eyes"
"Lips of Ashes"
"The Sound of Muzak"
"Gravity Eyelids"
"Wedding Nails"
"The Creator Has a Mastertape"
"Heartattack in a Layby"
"Strip the Soul"
"Collapse the Light into Earth"
"Drown With Me"



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